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Tamar Ish Cassit, FOUNDER

An international expert in medical device design, in particular assistive technology. Tamar holds a Bachelor of Design degree from HIT in Israel, specialization in social and sustainable design.

Tamar is experienced in R&D of medical products for developed and developing countries.

She is an IDF Military Medic, and an academic lecturer for assistive technology design and entrepreneurship.

She is the founder of Cassit Studio, established in 2011, providing industrial design services to companies and entrepreneurs, business and design consultation to young entrepreneurs, special project for people with disabilities and more.  

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Following years of projects in Cassit Studio and exposure to market needs, Tamar decided to take her designs to mass production, in a mission to bring impact to millions of people. 

In 2016 Tamar Founded additional business, Cassit Ltd.; A company which develops and manufactures original cost-effective and premium-quality medical devices for people with hand injuries and disabilities, by mass production technologies. 

During her 5-year role as Cassit's CEO, Tamar established the company's team, medical and advisory boards, won a grant from the Israeli innovation authority, participated in international exhibitions, won 1st place at AIPAC 2019 competition for innovation, held events for people with disabilities in developing countries; She is engaged in the company's business development and strategy, grant requests, fundraising and ongoing management.

As the company's CTO, Tamar held a global market research, designed all the company's products and piloted them in Kenya, managed all product stages starting from an idea and up to mass production lines in Israel and in China; She is managing the operations; R&D of Plastics & Neoprene, established ISO-13485 quality system for medical devices including obtaining CE mark and FDA registration. 


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