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Cassit is a studio that collaborates with diverse professionals for each project, to combine disciplines and produce high and accurate value for each customer.
The studio provides consulting, guidance, design plans, industrial design and product design services from prototype to mass production.
Cassit Studio specializes in assistive technology design, medical devices, sustainable design and design for the developing world.
In addition, the studio is experienced in production of plastics and Neoprene products.
For an introductory call and more details please contact Tamar@CassitStudio.com 

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Providing industrial design services to companies and entrepreneurs.
Production of prototypes, including feasible/ working prototype, display prototype,  product or set of products design with detailed design brief, research, development, guidance in planning for mass production and more. 

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Business and design consultation for young entrepreneurs.
Basic understanding and skills to be an entrepreneur and work with basic business tools. Defining a vision and goals, understanding the cornerstones of a business and the connection between various departments.
Understanding the path of a product, working with schedules.
Establishment of production lines. Stages of development, transition from development to production, first series production, case studies, operations, Market definition and research, cash flow, pricing, Break Even, Gross Profit.
How to work with subcontractors. How the quality system defines requirements, design brief, fundraising, grant submissions and more.



Special projects for people with disabilities, custom made by order.
Inventing and producing accessories and
assistive devices that does not exist in the market for people with limited abilities, or devices for people who need special adjustments, using high quality materials and production abilities.